Goose on the Loose ~ #94803

Goose on the Loose

Approx. 36 X 42" or 72 X 84"

When the autumn skies turn cold and gray and the trees don their festive colors, you are sure to hear the honking cries of geese as they make their yearly trip to warmer places. Look up and you will see that they don't always fly in orderly vees, but rather, in tangled skeins while they constantly change places, the leaders dropping back to ride the air currents created by the goose on the loose who forges ahead. This design was inspired by just such a sight. Rotary cut with no templates. See a quilt inspired by this pattern in the Large Art Quilts Gallery.

Pattern Sample Quilt is for sale - $400.00. Email for details.

$ 8.00

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