Splash (2014)


40 X 40"

A larger than life sized toddler enjoying his first water adventure at the lake. This piece was worked from a photo that I took. In "Splash", I used a combination of hand dyed and commercially printed fabrics to portray the scene. Hand dyes were used in the water and for the majority of the flesh tones, with commercial prints and batiks in a supporting role. Most of the fabrics chosen for the hair are actually commercially printed grasses chosen for their whispy qualities that work so well for the baby's hair. I especially like how the foreground water batik contains perfect reflections and little whitecaps.

The quilting on the baby follows the contours of his body and emphasizes the softness of his skin with a varigated thread. A few machine stitches complete his eyebrow and eyelashes while hand stitches with white embroidery thread puts the sparkle in his eye. A combination of metallic and varigated threads are used inthe water areas and foliage.


AQS, Paducah, KY   2015
LaConner Quilt Show, LaConner, WA  2015  Award of Excellence/Piecing, HM, Pictorial Wall
MidAtlantic Quilt Fest, Hampton, VA  2016
Topeka Art Guild Gallery, Topeka, KS  2016  First Place Award
Kaw Valley Quilt Guild Show -Lawrence, KS  2018

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