Beneficial Burn II (2017)

Beneficial Burn II

36 x 36"

Controlled burning is very important and beneficial to the ecology of the prairie. The annual burning of the Flint Hills grassland insures that the prairie will continue to produce the very best grazing, as it has done for centuries. It is a beautiful sight, especially at night!

Original artwork based on my own sketch.

Entirely machine pieced in the old fashioned way, right sides together, quarter inch seams and no raw edges. Free motion, hand guided machine quilting using a variety of threads.

SouthWind Gallery, Topeka, KS  2017
SAQA Regional"Changing Landscapes"  Leedy-Volkous Gallery, KC, MO  2017
SAQA, U of Columbia, MO  Jan 2018

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$ 3,200.00

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