December Dawn (2012)

December Dawn

78 X 32"

Made for Studio Art Quilt Associates "Seasonal Palette", an invitational exhibit juried from entries of existing works. The selected artists, only 37 from a field of 144,  were requested to make new work to a set size and assigned season.

The resultling exhibit debuted at International Quilt Festival in Houston in the fall of 2012, and will travel to IQF, Cincinnati, April, 2013 and IQF Long Beach, July 2013 and other venues to be announced.

The making of "December Dawn" is chronicled on my blog - just click on "Seasonal Palette" in the side bar.

December Dawn is machine pieced and machine quilted; 100 % cotton commercial prilnts, various threads, wool batting. It is for sale through the SAQA Store as is the exhibit catalog.



International Quilt Festival,  Houston, TX, 2012. Cincinnatti, Chicago, LongBeach 2013
Texas Quilt Museum, LaGrange, Tx 2013
National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY  2013
Original Creative Festival, Cincinnatti, Oh 2014
Curitaba, Brazil 2014
New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA 2015  SOLD
J Wayne Stark Gallery, Texas A&M, TX  2015
Taiwan Int Quilt Exhibition, Tianan City, Taiwan 2016
Gerald R Ford Museum, Grand Rapids, MI  2016

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