Who, Me? (2012)

Who, Me?

34.5 X 30"

This mischievous puppy has found a way to get noticed! As a gardener AND a dog lover, I have been there, done that! As an art quilter, I just had to piece this whimsical puppy who's photo I took one day.  The tulips were added from my imagination, so I had a combination of a photo and a sketch to work from.  The fabrics are both commercial prints and hand dyes.  "Who, Me?" is heavily free motion machine quilted with a variety of threads to enhance the piece.


Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted


IQA - Celebrate Spring-Cincinnati, OH, LongBeach, CA Houston, TX  2013
QuiltFest Destination -Savannah, GA   2014   Honorable Mention
Brigham City Museum, Brigham City, UT  2014
Topeka Art Guild Gallery, Topeka, KS  2015


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